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Chemical System Services, Inc.

offers a variety of sizes on our Containment Trays.


These custom made containment basins are made with white polypropylene

which provides an effective secondary barrier between the tank, the corrosive materials within it, and the outside environment.



Some of our customizing options:

Not Limited to


Level switch for alarms

Pumping station

Non-slip polypro containment-flooring system

Containment tray with custom fabricated stand

Custom stairs


Custom Plastic and Industrial Steel Fabrication

Containment Trays & Tanks

Custom Polypropylene | Containment Trays | Containment Tanks | Basins |
Custom Polypropylene | Containment Trays | Containment Tanks | Basins |

Chemical Systems Services, Inc.

Economical Pricing - Attention to Details - Meeting Deadlines 

makes CSSI  

the right choice!

Custom Orders Available

Made in America

"we offer quality workmanship at Competitive Prices"


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