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Chemical Systems Services, Inc. fabricates thermoplastic casework for extreme conditions. Casework is typically found in trace metal and marine labs, and/or any other environments that may contain acid. 


Our cabinetry is made from white polypropylene and PVC due to their resistance to most acids, alkalis, and alcohols. All pieces are welded for maximum durability. 


What is included with our Standard Wall & Base Cabinets?


Our Standard line is fabricated from white polypropylene and comes with adjustable shelves, plastic pulls/handles, and solid hinged doors. 

*We can easily alter the dimensions and customize pieces to your exact needs.



    Additional Options Available:

·        Vented or non-vented storage doors

·        Sliding or pull polycarbonate doors


·        Recessed or raised drawer pulls


·        Adjustable or fixed shelves


·        Plastic drawer stops


·        Polypropylene encapsulated magnetic door catches


·        Plastic or stainless steel hardware


·        We can also supply corrosion resistant epoxy countertops to fit your design.


·        Solid color or clear doors (can be constructed of PVC, polypropylene, or polycarbonate)


·        Handle Free Construction


 We also fabricate custom casework for special conditions, using white PVC for exterior usage where UV light is an issue. We offer fire retardant polypropylene that is UL-94 V-0 rated, satisfying many insurance requirements.


Custom Plastic and Industrial Steel Fabrication


Standard Cabinet

Our standard size

photo's below

White polypropylene base and wall cabinets come with:

 Hinged, solid polypropylene doors and plastic handles.

Custom | Plastic Fabricated | Casework | Wall Cabinet | Plastic

Standard Wall Cabinet

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Custom | Plastic Fabricated | Casework | Base Cabinet | Plastic

Standard Base Cabinet

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Chemical Systems Services, Inc.

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Custom Orders Available

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