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CSSI manufactures custom designed thermoplastic chemical containment tanks and sinks to suit your specific needs.


Why settle for a mass-produced item when our competitive pricing keeps tailor-made affordable?


Made to your specifications in any shape or size

Nozzle placement in any location

Single walled or double containment for spill protection

Corrosion resistant


Made from polypropylene, PVDF (Kynar), PVC, or CPVC







We offer

High Temperature Euro-Grey Polypropylene

Density: 0.92 gm/cm3

Tensile strength at yield: 4,600

Continuous Operating Temperature: 239 degrees Fahrenheit

Flexural Modulus: 180,000 PSI

Hardness: 72 Shore D

Custom Plastic and Industrial Steel Fabrication

Containment Tanks & Sinks

Natural Polypropylene Tanks with Steel Girth | Tanks | sinks |
Natural Polypropylene Tank with Steel Girth
Polyproplylene | Tanks | Sinks| Custom Plastics | Chemical Tank

Chemical Tank

Polypropylene Plating Tanks| Custom Tanks | Custom Sinks | Plastics

Polypropylene Plating Tanks

Natural Polypropylene Tanks with Steel Girth | Custom Plastics | Plastic Fabrication

Natural Polypropylene Tank with Steel Girth

Horizontal Scrubbers | Plastic Fabrication | Fume Scrubbers
Glove Rinse Sink| Polypropylene| Tanks | sinks |

Glove Rinse Sink

Polypropylene Rinse Station | Custom Plastics

Polypropylene Rinse Station

Tanks & Sinks

Custom Orders Available

Chemical Systems Services, Inc.

Economical Pricing - Attention to Details - Meeting Deadlines 

makes CSSI  

the right choice!

"we offer quality workmanship at Competive Prices"


Made in America

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