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Custom Plastics | Plastic Fabrication | Dampers | Blast Gate
Blast Gate
Custom Plastics | Plastic Fabrication PVC Blast Gate

PVC Saddle Blast Gate

Custom Plastics | Plastic Fabrication PVC Gravity Backdraft Damper

PVC Gravity Backdraft Damper  

Custom Plastics | Plastic Fabrication |Butterfly Damper
Butterfly Damper






CSSI manufactures PVC and CPVC butterfly and gravity dampers, and blast gates to regulate the air flow in ventilation systems.


  They are available in a variety of stock sizes or may be custom made to suit your needs. 


Also available are our half saddle dampers.


   About our Dampers:

  • Fabricated from PVC and CPVC Duct and Sheet

  • PVC and CPVC are UL-94 Rated

  • CPVC is FM-4910 Approved for Cleanrooms

  • In Stock or Short Delivery Time

  • Corrosion Resistant



Butterfly Dampers



  • Graduated Locking for Variable Damper Opening

  • Rugged Lever Mechanism

  • Internal Stops Minimize Air Leakage




Blast Gates


  • Sizes up to 54 Inches

  • Fit in Narrow Spaces

  • Larger Sizes Have Tapered Edges for Easier Sliding 




Gravity Dampers

  • Available with Flanged Ends or Socket Ends










Custom Plastic and Industrial Steel Fabrication


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Blast Gates & Dampers


Blast Gates & Dampers

Chemical Systems Services, Inc.

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