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All of

Chemical Systems Services Inc’s

Custom Fabricated Scrubbers

are constructed using

PVC and polypropylene

due to their corrosion resistance against

both acids and alkaline. 

In addition to being fully automated with NEMA 4X electrical control panel enclosures, CSSI’s custom

fabricated scrubbers feature the following:

Packed column for better efficiency and low pressure drop eliminator for liquid particulate capture

High-efficiency removal for both gas and particulates 

High liquid recirculating rate for better removal and pH control

Control panel fully integrated with equipment including

pumps, meters, and level switches

to regulate system operation and to ensure safety



Recirculating tank can be mounted in remote locations, protecting it from freezing or extreme temperatures. Liquid discharge can be set to flow continuously or as a batch.

Customized vertical or horizontal applications can be designed and fabricated with quick turnaround time.

Horizontal Scrubbers | Plastic Fabrication | Fume Scrubbers

Horizontal Scrubber

Horizontal Scrubbers | Plastic Fabrication | Fume Scrubbers | 3 Stage Odor Scrubber

Chemical System Services, Inc

Economical Pricing - Attention to Details- Meeting Deadlines 

makes CCSI  

the right choice!

Custom Plastic and Industrial Steel Fabrication


3 Stage Odor Scrubber

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Chemical Systems Services, Inc.

Economical Pricing - Attention to Details - Meeting Deadlines 

makes CSSI  

the right choice!

Custom Orders Available

"we offer quality workmanship at Competitive Prices"


Made in America

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