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Let Chemical Systems Services, Inc. build a complete

PVC or CPVC ventilation system specific to your conditions.


Within the US and Canada, we are able to work with your drawings to fabricate

the line you need for shipment to a contractor in your area.

The components in our ventilation lines are made with socket ends so they are easily installed with sections of duct to fit the spatial requirements.

We offer on-site design and installation services within New England.



We fabricate simple fume flow lines as well as systems designed for more complicated environments that can include:


Wet Packed Scrubbers

Work Station Fume Hoods

Tank Fume Hoods

In-line Mist Eliminators

Air Balancing Dampers

Push Air Systems


We fabricate our exhaust lines from PVC or CPVC


Here is why you should choose 

Chemical Systems Services, Inc's


Lower cost, lightweight, easier installation than metal options

Both maintain physical integrity at high temperatures

Both are chemically resistant to most acids, alkalis, alcohols, and other corrosive air streams

Both are UL-94 rated due to their self-extinguishing properties

CPVC is FM 4910 approved for use in cleanroom construction

Both have excellent strength, rigidness, and long life expectancy

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PVC Exhaust Line

Chemical Systems Services, Inc.

Economical Pricing - Attention to Details - Meeting Deadlines 

makes CSSI  

the right choice!

Custom Orders Available

Custom Plastic and Industrial Steel Fabrication

Ventilation Systems

"we offer quality workmanship at Competive Prices"


Made in America

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